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Essentials: SuperPro Products are Good, Real Good.

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Performance and reliability are what every time attack driver strives for each season. If you are able to achieve these 2 goals in conjunction, you are well on your way to having a successful time attack build. One of the key determining factors that can dictate whether you’ll be broken down in the pits or standing upon the podium is the aftermarket parts you choose to optimize your vehicle with. This can literally and figuratively be a make or break decision as parts fatigue, warp, wear, and worst of all, fail. Quality should stand above all else which is why we are now proudly selling SuperPro parts for the Subaru STI, Subaru WRX, Subaru BRZ, and various other applications. 

Super Pro sway bar subaru sti

SuperPro is an Australian based suspension linkage and bushing brand that has maintained a strict focus on being the best at what they do. SuperPro is not looking to be a jack-of-all-trades, rather, they have decided to be king of the sway bar, linkage and bushing brands. And kings they are. Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, SuperPro has over 40 years of experience with optimizing suspension and chassis systems suited for some of the toughest environments in the world including time attack. So what makes SuperPro so special?

SuperPro sway bar 2015 subaru sti

All SuperPro parts are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia under the watchful eye of the quality control team. By avoiding the break up of the supply chain, SuperPro can ensure that all processes meet the highest level of qualification before any product leaves their facilities. With many other brands, there may be thousands of miles between the engineering and manufacturing team which leaves room for a certain margin of error. By facilitating the development of a product from start to finish, the end user can purchase with confidence knowing that nothing leaves the SuperPro warehouse without first undergoing strenuous quality control.

Subaru STI Super Pro sway bar

When you see a SuperPro sway bar or SuperPro bushings in person, the quality is blatantly obvious. They use only the best and most consistent polyurethane formula for all bushings, which has gained them quite the reputation. SuperPro is one of the only companies offering a complete polyurethane range of products that are backed by a professional team of in house research and development specialists. All SuperPro bushings feature a knurled inside in order to hold the grease between the bushing and the bar for extended lubrication which also reduces any unwanted squeak. This is often an overlooked detail that has you back under your vehicle in roughly 6 months re-greasing the bushings out of sheer annoyance. As a cherry on top, SuperPro offers a lifetime unconditional guarantee on all of their polyurethane bushings to let you know they’re made to last.

Super Pro sway bar subaru wrx

SuperPro sway bars feature the details you would expect from a company of this quality. Constructed from premium Australian spring steel, each SuperPro sway bar is tubular designed to reduce weight while increasing torsional strength. Each and every SuperPro sway bar that leaves the factory is first placed on a jig to ensure that there is no more than .5mm of distortion or twist to ensure perfection in the end product. This is a key step often overlooked in mass produced sway bars from other manufacturers that can have a large impact on performance.

2015 subaru sti SuperPro sway bar

Sway bars, by design, are a suspension piece positioned under the vehicle. Naturally, nature often rears its head and attempts to take back what once was her own. With lesser quality sway bars, chipping in the finish often occurs quickly resulting in undesired rust covering the sway bar. SuperPro has gone above and beyond to ensure that their sway bar finish is of the utmost quality by first coating each bar in a zinc primer. The next step consists of an epoxy sealer followed by a hefty layer of powder coat. The result, a 1mm thicker bar that both adds to stiffness and protects against the elements. Because of this, SuperPro sway bars come with the necessary size SuperPro bushings to account for the added girth.

Super Pro sway bar subaru sti and subaru wrx

We are excited to welcome SuperPro to the TARMAC ATTACKERS family as we now offer the full catalog to our customers. We are diligently prepping for the 2019 time attack season by outfitting our Subaru STI with all of the applicable SuperPro suspension components and greatly look forward to gathering this first hand data. We’ll be sure to provide an update after our on track testing as well as weigh in on the long-term durability that we experience.